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W2-YXC8000  Répéteur de signal cellulaire commercial 8, 000 pi2


W2-YXC8000 Répéteur de signal cellulaire commercial 8, 000 pi2


Répéteur  de signal cellulaire commercial 8, 000 pi2

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zBoost® Pro Panel YXC-8000: Cell Booster Kit for

Single-Level Home or Office up to 8000 sq. ft.

© zBoost. All rights reserved. V8/14/2013

The zBoost Pro Panel YXC-8000 cell phone signal

boosting kit extends a Cell Zone™ for multiple users and all

devices operating on 800 and 1900MHz frequency bands –

except those using Nextel/ iDEN or 4G. The new zBoost Pro

Panel improves coverage up to 8000 square feet in open

spaces. The Pro Panel system is designed for professional

installation and sold only to professional installers.

Benefits include:

Increases indoor signal coverage for a single level – up to 8000 sq ft

Decreases dropped or missed calls

Increases voice and data transmission speed on cell phones,

smartphones, wireless data cards and wireless alarm panels

Compatible with all US carriers and devices using 800 and 1900MHz (except

Nextel/iDEN and 4G)

Extends phone battery life (uses less power when signal is stronger)

No cradle or connections to your phone

Maintains network integrity using patented technologies

The Pro Panel YXC-8000 includes zBoost amplifier base unit in ruggedized casing, power

supply, high gain signal and broadcast antennas mounting hardware and coax cable.


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