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SX55PSM011 Détecteur de gaz naturel


SX55PSM011 Détecteur de gaz naturel


Natural Gas (Methane) Alarm



To guard against Natural Gas (Methane), we recommend that a Detector be placed in close proximity to any appliance utilizing Natural Gas (Methane) and there should be one unit per floor in the home. The S-TECH PSM-011 Natural Gas (Methane) Detector will warn the occupants of the property as to the presence of this explosive gas.



•12 volts DC 5 watts powered, Direct wire-in for permanent installation

•Single station equipped with 1 set relay contact

•Accurate and reliable catalytic bead sensor

•No replacement sensor required

•Instant Test/Retest feature

•Power/Alarm indicators

•Self diagnostic circuitry

•2-year warranty

•ULC Listed

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